Wherever You Are…

GoldiLacts can meet you right where you are! We offer a variety of online breastfeeding and perinatal emotional coaching that can allow you to get the help you need fast and in the comfort of your own home (and pj’s!). No need to get ready or pack the diaper bag. Just keep yourself and baby comfortable while we talk, face to face, and get down to the bottom of what’s going on! We will get you headed in the right direction, regardless of where you live…anywhere in the world!

Online Lactation / Perinatal Emotional Coaching Sessions

A long list of breastfeeding and postpartum concerns can be addressed using phone and video chat options! You may have questions about how to best prepare for the initiation of breastfeeding in the hospital, how to increase milk supply, proper formula feeding and supplementing guidelines, creating a pumping schedule, how your partner can be more involved in the breastfeeding process, breast and nipple care, overnight feeding, over supply issues, weaning, breastfeeding while you’re sick or while your baby is teething, introducing solid foods…the list goes on and on!

Maybe you and/or your partner need to de-stress and decompress by talking through the unexpected emotions you are having trouble navigating in your early postpartum period. We’ve been there and we’re here for you. We offer weekly and biweekly Postpartum Emotional Processing sessions which help you do exactly that. You are provided with exercises and tools to help you target the areas you are struggling with most so you can strategize and find the balance. We hold you accountable for your “homework assignments” and provide valuable feedback while monitoring your progress and any postpartum mood disorder symptoms. This is a safe, nonjudgmental space where you can let it all hang out. We know what you’re going through! You don’ t have to do this alone.

*We are not psychiatric professionals and prescription medications are outside of our scope of practice. 

To schedule a private virtual consultation with a certified lactation consultant, please click here.

Intake forms and payments must be received before the start of your consultation. Payments are made using the Venmo or PayPal app and are nonrefundable.