Media & Outreach

We would love to collaborate with you in order to inspire your tribe, listeners, workplace, or event attendees to join the movement in going Beyond Breastfeeding! For media inquiries, speaking engagements, and event sponsorship please contact us at


  Petit Tresor’s “Meet The Lactation Consultant” Event

We had an amazing time greeting new parents and answering a ton of questions about breastfeeding, which products we feel are most useful, milk supply, supplements, and so much more! This beautiful upscale baby boutique located in the heart of Los Angeles has so many amazing things to make your nursery into a dream come true while making a breastfeeding Mama Bear as comfy and cozy as can be! For more information on how to order your favorite nursery items or how to design the perfect baby registry visit them at Check out @petittresor on Instagram to watch Petit Tresor’s IGTV episode featuring The Candice’s of GoldiLacts!

The Uncensored Mom Podcast – GoldiLacts Four Part Series:

We talk with “mompreneur” & postpartum support expert Jessica Parada about our own journeys as moms, what we thought we knew entering into our postpartum periods, and how we built our business from the ground up while keeping our families first. Join us as we educate you on the importance of making your own choices and setting your own breastfeeding expectations, learn some tips and tricks on how to cope with the struggles of motherhood, and learn what to expect at a GoldiLacts lactation consultation!

  • Episode 1 10/05/18 – Weaning | Milk Supply | Introducing Solids | The Story Behind “The Candice’s”
  • Episode 2 10/15/18 – Breastfeeding in Public (it doesn’t have to be scary!) | Postpartum Depression | Nipple Pain | Empowerment for Moms Everywhere
  • Episode 3 10/22/18 – Tongue & Lip Ties | Breastfeeding While Pregnant | Going Back to Work
  • Episode 4 11/02/18 – Exclusive Pumping & Formula Feeding | What To Expect at a Consultation with GoldiLacts | What A Virtual Consultation with GoldiLacts Looks Like | …much much more!