Payments & Insurance

GoldiLacts accepts Venmo and cash payments. GoldiLacts does not bill insurance directly; your payment will be made to your lactation consultant. GoldiLacts does, however, provide super-bills (a paid invoice with appropriate medical codes listed) to use for submission to your insurance company should you want to seek reimbursement for services rendered.

All super-bills will include current medical billing breastfeeding codes in compliance with the American Academy of Family Physicians and ICD-10 regulations. Our tax ID # is 82-1977838 and is also located at the bottom of your super-bill. In some cases, your health insurance provider will completely cover the costs of lactation support session! We recommend contacting your provider prior to scheduling. GoldiLacts does not guarantee insurance reimbursement.

Handling forms and processing payments before our arrival whenever possible allows us to have more hands-on, focused time with the breastfeeding mother and baby since all other business matters are already set in place. Reviewing our intake process allows you to make sure we are the right fit for your family and allows us to become familiar with you before we arrive. This helps all of us ease into the consultation must faster! Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible in your own environment and leave you feeling much more confident in your own space with your baby.

Click here to contact us and ask any questions you may have before scheduling your session or birth support services package with us.

Check out how GoldiLacts client, Mama Bear Jenn K. from NYC (pictured left), was able to conquer the insurance game and get her VIRTUAL lactation support sessions with us reimbursed through her insurance! She has created a How-To guide for mamas around the world. Enjoy!

A How To Guide for Moms Seeking Breastfeeding Support Through Their Medical Insurance Company

  • Make sure you have your insurance ID card(s)
  • Call your insurer to check how many lactation consultations they will cover
  • Check your insurance plan to see if you have out-of-network coverage
  • Check with your insurer to see what lactation consultants are in-network near you

Note: The Candice’s are out-of-network lactation consultants. Truth be told, I typically never go out of network (I’ve seen horror stories of providers billing outrageous amounts since they don’t agree to the insurance company’s “allowed amount”); BUT, in my experience, GoldiLacts’ billing process is really easy and fair. For each of my consultations they charged very reasonable rates which, in my case, meant insurance recognized the full charge and applied it toward my plan deductibles/out of pocket maximums. Most importantly, they are amazing, nurturing and knowledgeable. They also stay connected with you long after the session—which you don’t experience with a normal lactation consult. Bottom line: I used GoldiLacts for my own situation and loved the whole process!!

Out-of-Network Benefits:

  • If your plan does provide out-of-network coverage and you want to submit your charge from Goldilacts to your insurance coverage:
    • GoldiLacts will mail/email you an itemized receipt that you can submit (their receipt has everything the insurance company needs to process the claim, but for your general reference, any time you submit an out of network charge, your receipt needs the following:
      • Name of patient
      • Date of service
      • Description of service being rendered (with billing code—called an “ICD code”)
      • Provider’s name
      • Amount billed

A Few More Thoughts:

  • Check your plan coverage. If your plan has an out-of-network deductible and you still haven’t reached it, you might not be reimbursed anything from insurance if you haven’t met your deductible.
  • Your plan’s “out-of-pocket maximum” is the most you have to pay for medical/pharmacy services in a given plan year. If you’ve hit your out-of-pocket maximum for out-of-network services, your entire GoldiLacts charge should be covered as long as the billed amount in less than or equal to insurance’s allowed amount (in my case, GoldiLacts DID bill less than the allowed amount).
  • Don’t forget: if you have a healthcare FSA, an HRA or an HSA, you can use those funds to cover your lactation consultations!

Insider Tip: If you see an in-network lactation consultant, your session should be 100% covered as consults are considered to be a preventive service. In my case, I looked for in-network providers and didn’t see any conveniently located near my home address. I called my insurance company and argued that there was a network deficiency and was able to get them to cover my GoldiLacts consultations as if they were in-network (which means I was reimbursed the full about billed by Candice E!).

WARNING: Not all insurance companies will agree to this depending on your plan and the network of lactation consultants near you, but it is definitely worth a shot! If your request gets denied by your insurance company (and you are covered by an employer’s insurance plan), try reaching out to the benefits contact at the company who is insuring you (for example: if you’re insured by company X’s medical plan, try contacting company X’s Benefits Director). Sometimes people on the inside can help you out. Don’t let them say that you can see a lactation consultant in the hospital—you need consults outside of the hospital too (breastfeeding evolves after the baby is discharged and in-home or virtual assistance is the way to get set up for more long term success!).

Good luck, mama! Reach out to the Candice’s if you have any questions and I’ll help out if I can!

XOXO, Jenn …you can find me on Instagram @jennreallyamused