Beyond Breastfeeding Support Sessions

At GoldiLacts, we go “Beyond Breastfeeding”. Every new mom deserves to have a village of support, whether she is breastfeeding or formula feeding her baby. GoldiLacts can be an essential part of initiating a healthy relationship between the newborn and the new mother throughout her postpartum transition.

Assistance in creating self-care routines, household management charts, and healthy snack/meal plans are all part of helping the new mother embrace her postpartum mind and body while being allowed the space to create a new world around her baby. Daily check-ins are executed, monitoring mom’s overall physical and emotional health, as well as screening for postpartum anxiety and mental health issues that may be developing for which outside referral sources can be provided.

We talk through challenges that may have occurred the night or day before and create action plans for how to tackle those challenges should they happen again. We listen. We are there for mom every step of the way so that she can be heard, comforted, and supported through this time of immense change. Day and night support shifts are available and each services agreement can be tailored to the individual family’s needs.

Many mothers find they experience unexpected emotions and fears moving into the new role of “Mama Bear” and having a Support Specialist to guide them through these emotions can be crucial to providing the baby with the utmost care. Specifically for breastfeeding mothers, there is a deep focus on the lactation process and supporting the breastfeeding relationship as the new mom navigates how breastfeeding will look for her and her new baby. It may also be that the expectations a new mother placed on her breastfeeding relationship have not been met and she is having trouble coping with the emotions that come along with that. It is our job to remind you that regardless of how baby is fed, it is more important that both of you are loved.

It’s okay to ask for help. That’s why we’re here.

Please call us at (805) 835-2777 today and start moving towards a happier, healthier YOU.

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