Candice James and Candice Nicole, Co-Owners of GoldiLacts

Who Are The Candices?

Candice James & Candice Nicole are two best friends and mamas (she’s/her’s) who decided to turn their own breastfeeding and postpartum stories into a mission to help birthing parents everywhere become more confident in their choices for their newborns while feeling empowered in their new breastfeeding bodies.

Certifications & Credentials:

Both Candice’s hold bachelors degrees in psychology with an emphasis on child development and family dynamics. Candice James is an IBCLC (Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant) and Candice Nicole is a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist and Lactation Educator as well as Certified Postpartum Support Specialist.

The GoldiLacts Mission:

For EVERY birthing and breastfeeding parent to feel comfortable in the skin of their new breastfeeding body, feel empowered in their own personal choice to feed their baby in ways that work best for their family (formula included!). We want all parents, regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, family dynamic, or route to childbirth, to feel as though they have received compassionate, non-judgmental care throughout their postpartum journey.

Our Goal:

We hope to provide you with excellent service and be an ongoing source of support as long as you need us.  We’ve been right where you are. Our personal experience coupled with our passion and education allows us to practice an effective, solution-based method of care for the family as their Certified Lactation & Postpartum Support Team.

Contact Us Here:

The best way to reach us is by call or text at 805.835.2777 or email at [email protected] by clicking the address link at the top of the page. Please list your basic concerns or areas of interest and allow up to 24 hours for one of our lactation consultants to contact you.

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