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Welcome to our Intake & Scheduling page!

If you are reading this, you have already inquired about our services and you need some more info so you can decide which service is right for you! We are The Candice’s of GoldiLacts – “breast friends” and Co-Owners of GoldiLacts Lactation Consulting. Since there are TWO Candice’s, we can typically see you within 36 hours of booking!

We offer the following services, all of which are tailored to exactly what you need. Once you’ve chosen the route you would like to go, the link to your New Client Intake forms is at the bottom of this page and your scheduling process will begin! If you are still unsure which route to choose, please let us know. We’ll give you a call as soon as we can so we can give you the clarification you need and get you on the books! 

20 Minute Mini Consultation (Phone Call) $25This is perfect for the mama that just has a few quick questions! We can support you with a few strategies to activate and give you a breastfeeding bestie pep talk! This is not effective for larger issues such as infant weight loss or gain, latch difficulty or milk transfer. For larger issues or concerns, we recommend a full session (see below for options) to gain an in depth and global understanding of what is happening.

Intro to Breastfeeding & The Fourth Trimester (Virtual, 2 hours) $250 – This is a private, virtual workshop where you get to ask all your breastfeeding questions and become empowered with education, information, and solidify your postpartum plan. We cover all things from the anatomy of the breast, the initiation of lactation, what to expect at the hospital, and how to best set yourself up for breastfeeding success during the early weeks postpartum. *Bundle this with a virtual or in-home lactation support session follow-up! Prices for this are listed in our services menu on your intake form. 

*We also offer a one-hour virtual Breastfeeding Prep for Partners! Find out the best and most practical ways you can assist a breastfeeding parent as they navigate their journey with baby. This is also a private workshop and is priced at $75.

Virtual Lactation Consultation (Video Chat up to 1.5 hours) $175 – These are offered WORLDWIDE! We meet you on video chat for up to an hour and a half. We cover all of your concerns and strategize with you from A-Z. This is considered a full lactation support session. If a follow up is needed, most often a mini consult phone call will do the trick! 

In-Home Lactation Consultation in the Greater Los Angeles area (up to 2 hours) $250 – This takes place in your home – your couch, your pillows, your everything! We cover all your questions and concerns and focus on what’s already working while we are hands-on to help with latching baby to ensure milk transfer and solidify feeding routines, as well cover how to prevent engorgement and clogged milk ducts. This session covers some basic newborn care and we can also address issues such as overactive letdown, oral ties, and MORE. You tell us what areas concern you the most and we hop on the journey with you!

In-Home, Extended Lactation Consultation (4 hour day rate) $450 – This is an extended breastfeeding support session meant to help you navigate a larger amount of time so we can help walk you through baby’s natural feeding pattern and cues. This allows us to spend more time with you helping you figure out the in’s and out’s of soothing a fussy baby, how to gently ease a baby into sleep after a feeding, as well as basic newborn care. These sessions can be done at different times of day depending on where you feel the most issues occur with your ability to calmly and effectively care for your newborn in a way that is most comfortable for the entire family!

**Additional fee of $50 per session is added to distances traveled over 20 miles. If your address is 25+ miles away, we recommend our DAY RATE of $450 for 5 hours of lactation support! This allows us to MINImize our scheduling and MAXimize our time with your family! Travel fees will be determined based on your exact location, not just city name.

**If you have multiple sweet babes (i.e. twins…or triplets…or MORE) an additional fee of $50 will be added to your selected service

We do offer extended in-home lactation doula services as well as our Newborn Wellness Package which follows you through your initial Intro to Breastfeeding session, the delivery of your little miracle, as well as the first early weeks postpartum! This is so helpful when really trying to lock in your breastfeeding strategy! Prices on these services vary based on your individual needs so if you are interested in learning more about this, please let us know! We can walk you through exactly what these services entail, how to get you booked, as well as the forms we’ll need you to fill out for the extended service packages. 

Lactation Doula & Extended Services –  (In-home only, night shifts ARE available!)

The Candice’s at GoldiLacts are Certified Postpartum Doulas and offer extended service packages which allow the mother to calmly transition into the fourth trimester with ease. Our focus during these extended sessions is specifically on the lactation process and settling into breastfeeding. We empower the mother to care for herself and provide feeding strategies and support during the first three months of breastfeeding. These sessions are FOUR hours long and purchased in packages of two or four sessions. We tailor packages specifically to your needs. * Travel fee to be included for locations 20+ miles. *Additional fee for multiples.

Newborn Wellness Package – (Virtual + In-home)

This package covers it ALL – Intro to Breastfeeding Workshop (taught virtually), text and phone support surrounding the birth of your baby to ensure confidence in the initiation of the breastfeeding relationship, and FOUR extended Lactation Doula & Postpartum Support Sessions, FOUR hours each, to take place in your home. Your four extended sessions can take place either day or night (alternated is preferred!) for 4 hours each. These sessions can be scheduled twice per week, within eight weeks following your arrival home with baby. That’s a total of 16 hours of extensive, hands-on lactation support! Typically, families see their pediatrician at least twice within this time period so this allows us to work alongside your medical team to fully support you as your feeding plan naturally changes and the breastfeeding relationship evolves. During the sessions with your GoldiLacts lactation specialist, we will focus on feeding routines, learning baby’s innate and individual behaviors, acclimate the newborn to their new environment, and go over basic newborn care (swaddling, safe sleep hygiene practices, diapering, and other cool mom hacks we have learned along the way!). *All lactation consultations included in the Newborn Wellness Package must be conducted within eight weeks of the birth date of your baby. Additional fee for multiples. All extended services package fees are paid in full and non-refundable.

**Additional fee of $50 per session is added to your extended services package for distances traveled over 20 miles. Travel fee is increased by $50 with every additional 20mi travelled. This allows us to MINImize our scheduling by taking drive time into consideration and MAXimizes our time with your family! 

Ready for the next step??

Click this link for your New Client Intake & Release forms and follow the steps below! Select your service, complete your forms, hit the “All Set!” button, and wait for us to contact you! We will reach out to you the SAME DAY (via email or text if you’re a texter like us!) in order to schedule you for our earliest availability. Once your forms are submitted, you will hear directly from your lactation specialist regarding scheduling and payment!

Payments are submitted via Venmo or Paypal. Times are subject to change unless forms and payment have been submitted! We have a lot of families in need and our time slots fill up quickly! Handling forms and payment prior to your session helps keep things focused and organized once we arrive for your support session. Thank you! 

And that’s IT! You’re about to have your own built-in “breastie”! It is an HONOR to do what we do and we cannot wait empower you to design your own personal breastfeeding journey!

Love, The Candice’s of GoldiLacts 

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