At GoldiLacts, we go…Beyond Breastfeeding

“Beyond Breastfeeding” is a movement.

It’s a way for us to show moms, dads, partners, and families everywhere that we support you through all of your parenting choices, whether you are breastfeeding or not. At GoldiLacts, it is our job to inform, educate, and empower you to be highest version of yourself that you can be as you navigate through this new role. We want to help you write your own parenting book, with guidelines that YOU feel comfortable following, even if they aren’t what everyone else around thinks is ‘normal’.



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*NEW in 2019! Infant Massage Education and our 6-week Beyond Breastfeeding Wellness Course!!

This course covers everything from coping with a traumatic childbirth, postpartum depression, self care exercises for the new mom, new ways of communicating with your spouse and parental figures, and essential oils…into learning how to parent consciously and respectfully so that everyone in your family (and the world) gets to experience your highest self.

We are so excited to be on this journey with you! Sending all the highest mama vibes your way!