About Us

The Candices, Owners of GoldiLacts Lactation Consultation in Los Angeles

Candice James & Candice Nicole are two best friends and mamas who decided to turn their own breastfeeding and postpartum stories into a mission to help new moms everywhere become more confident in their new breastfeeding bodies.
We both hold bachelor’s degrees in psychology, are Certified Breastfeeding Specialists and Certified Lactation Educators, as well as Certified Postpartum Lactation Doulas. Our goal is for each new mom to feel comfortable in the skin of her new breastfeeding body, feel empowered in her own personal choice to feed her baby in ways that work best for her family (formula included!), and feel as though she has received compassionate, non-judgmental care throughout her postpartum journey.
We hope to provide you with excellent service and be an ongoing source of support as long as you need us.  We’ve been right where you are. Our personal experience coupled with our passion and education allows us to practice an effective, solution-based method of care for the new mother and her child as her Certified Lactation & Postpartum Support Team.
We believe the best place to start when it comes to caring for a newborn baby is to ensure that the Mama Bear is being cared for first in order for everything else to naturally fall into place. 
Welcome to the GoldiLacts Family! Love, The Candice’s

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