Breastfeeding Support and Beyond Breastfeeding Wellness Classes 

Breastfeeding doesn’t come naturally for every mom. Why not have some fun while you’re getting prepared?

The GoldiLacts Breastfeeding Prep 101 Workshop is the “creme de la breast milk” of preparation courses. Our goal during this two-hour workshop is to give each new set of parents get a comprehensive look at what actually goes into the act of breastfeeding.We go far beyond the typical breastfeeding class you might find in a large group hospital setting. We create a safe and comfortable environment where we allow parents to ask any question they might have about the breastfeeding process and how it will effect their lives with a new baby.

We want you to feel equipped with vital research- and fact-based information as we leave you feeling empowered in your decision to breastfeed your baby. We cover things like basic anatomy of the breast, what your doctor forgets to tell you about breastfeeding, how Dads and partners can participate in the breastfeeding relationship…all the way through to nursing an active toddler if that’s your goal. We are by your side every step of the way!

To inquire about our private, in-home breastfeeding prep classes and receive a registration link please call (805) 835-2777 or email Payments can be made using the Venmo app with your smartphone, cash, or check. If other payment arrangements need to be made please let us know. We are always willing to work with you!

In-home class cost is $250. Pregnant with a friend? Split it! Each additional participant you host during an in-home class is only $150 per couple! 

 *NEW in 2019!* Our 6-week Beyond Breastfeeding Wellness Course

This course covers everything from coping with a traumatic childbirth, postpartum depression, self care exercises for the new mom, new ways of communicating with your spouse and parental figures, and essential oils…into learning how to parent consciously and respectfully so that everyone in your family (and the world) gets to experience your highest self.

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