Breastfeeding opens a new world for the first-time mom. Functionally, the breastfeeding relationship, whether exclusively chest-feeding or pumping, forces a mother to fully embrace the dependence her newborn will have on her as the sole provider of her baby’s nutrition for at least the first six months of life. Emotionally, and EQUALLY as important, are the changes she will experience in the depths of her soul as a mother, a woman, and a human being.

This new world is based on a sacrifice she will make that is bigger and more meaningful than any other she has made in her life up to this point.  It means giving up her old body, one she used to be able to exercise and feed a certain way in order to mold it to her own ideal. It means giving up time with friends when she used to be able to engage socially at any given moment. It means defying the views and opinions of some people who used to be the most important in her life before the baby came. It means losing quality time with her partner and feeling a distance, sometimes a loneliness that she has never felt before.

And yet…she pushes forward.  She understands that breastfeeding will come with the reward of a closeness with her baby that is worth losing everything else, at least for right now. She tells herself “This will all be worth it. In the end, I will know why I did this and I will look at him with a strong and fiery kind of love that no one else can touch.” With every feeding, on the deepest most soulful level, she understands that THIS is what she was born- and then born again- to do. So she does it. No matter how hard. No matter how quiet. No matter how painful. She does it because she can. She does it because other women can’t.

We encourage you to dig a little deeper for this understanding today. We applaud you for making it this far. And we hope you reach out for support today if you need some. You are not alone in this.

You are a warrior.

This beautiful photo is from Blossom & Bess