Breastfeeding looks different for every baby. Breastfeeding looks different for every mom. It looks different for every partner and sibling; for every grandparent; for EVERY family. In the lactation field we come across so many clients who have set the expectations for what is to become of their breastfeeding relationship so incredibly high. They’ve been on all the Mommy blogs, followed women on Instagram and Facebook who have an entire freezer stash of breast milk by the time their babies are three months old, they’ve watched YouTube videos made by breastfeeding advocates who nurse in public and vigilantly stand up to disapproving onlookers. They have designed the “perfect” breastfeeding relationship in their minds- and they almost always fall short of this because, after all, NO ONE IS PERFECT!

Breastfeeding is HARD. You don’t know what it will do to your mind, to your body, to your spirit, to your soul. It may be absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and that is what we wish for all of our new moms while they’re laughing their butts off in our Breastfeeding Prep classes! But… there may also be obstacles and difficulties you never imagined would occur. You need the support in place to make sure you can cross those bridges with as much grace and self-acceptance as you can muster. Those difficulties don’t make you a lesser mom, they make you a STRONGER mom when you get to the other side!

And let’s ALL remember that if we HAVE been successful at chest-feeding, that doesn’t make us a better mom than the one who is bottle feeding or formula feeding. As moms we MUST speak the universal language that says “I SEE you, I am here to HELP you if you need me, and I SUPPORT you” <insert fist bump> STOP KEEPING SCORE, mamas.

Love yourselves, love those babies, and most of all…be kind to one another.

Love, The Candice’s of GoldiLacts

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