Witching Hour…it’s just one of “those things”.

Are you curled up on your couch right now trying to figure out WHY your sweet baby went from calm, cool, and collected to the complete opposite?? Your baby might be in a recurring phase known as “witching hour”. Witching hour is a typical period of day where babies experience a fussy time in the afternoon/evening- usually starting around 3pm and ending by 11pm.

All babes are unique and may choose their hours of fuss very selectively This time typically accompanies parent stress because it doesn’t matter what they do, baby is fussy! Baby may seem to not know what he wants, cry right after a feeding, want to be on the breast every minute, or not respond to what typically soothes him.

Witching hour undoubtedly causes breastfeeding mama stress. She may naturally wonder the following “AM I MAKING ENOUGH MILK?! I MUST NOT BE. MY BREASTS FEEL EMPTY! HE MUST BE HUNGRY!” Mama may worry herself into unnecessary supplementation which can ultimately damage her breast milk supply. The best thing to do during this time is try to make baby as comfortable as possible and allow him to cluster feed at the breast. Be kind and patient with yourself during this time period. Your baby will be back to calm, cool and collected in no time.

 Photo from Today’s Parent (via Pinterest)