When your breastfeeding journey is coming to an end, your body will give your baby a final BLAST of powerful antibodies. You may notice the color of your milk resembles a yellow colostrum-like color in the weaning stages. This happens because baby is nursing less and less, therefore triggering your body to make the most out of the amount that baby is taking in! Breast milk is magic! This is just another reason for this process to happen slowly and not be rushed.

We are asked so many questions about weaning and what we want each mama to remember is that weaning happens when BOTH mama and baby are ready. It must be a gentle process where breastmilk is replaced not only by tangible distractions like snacks and toys and games and sippy cups but also (and more importantly) by tons of snuggles and verbal validation of the very real feelings the weaning process is stirring up in your baby.

Moms of older children between one and two might have a much harder time dropping the nighttime feedings since nursing becomes a comfort during times of separation anxiety. Start be explaining that this is a time for sleep, responding to his cues as needed but also trying other various sources of comfort like rocking, rubbing his back, singing him a soft lullaby, running your hands through his hair and across his forehead, and laying down next to him in positions that are different than the ones you used to nurse in.

Sometimes our babies associate the act of nursing with the act of love. There are age appropriate books you can read to him throughout about weaning to spark the idea that breastfeeding doesn’t always last forever but mommy’s love for him does!

Here are some suggestions:





It is important to validate his feelings when he gets frustrated or upset, letting him know you are “still here…but mama’s milk is bye bye…let’s cuddle instead!” or communicate with him verbally in a way you feel is appropriate for his age and personality since you know best what he will respond to. Always…ALWAYS…do what is best and more comfortable for you BOTH during this process. Some babies take longer than others and we have to encourage them to be expressive while also understanding there are TWO people in this relationship!

Love, The Candice’s of GoldiLacts