There are MANY different ways of alternate feeding when things aren’t quite lining up at the breast. We understand the word “syringe” might sound scary to some. The mind may automatically envision a needle; however a FEEDING syringe is much like a dropper (soft, round plastic like the ones you use when giving medicine to a toddler). They can be very useful in feeding a newborn in those early weeks! Syringe feeding may be recommended if there is a need for short term supplementation so baby can “catch up” to her ideal weight. It is an excellent option for the mother whose goal it is to exclusively breastfeed without the use of bottles.

Essentially, syringe feeding SLOWLY drops pumped breast milk into the baby’s mouth without the need to latch onto an artificial nipple. Feeding this way allows the mother to regulate the amount and speed at which the baby receives the pumped milk… and she can feed while baby is still latched at the breast by sliding the syringe into the corner of baby’s mouth! This ensures baby is getting necessary nutrients and provides parents with much needed peace of mind Not to mention, it is a great way to avoid nipple confusion and the potential for later breast aversions due to the baby adapting to a faster, more instant gratification of a bottle Breastfeeding journeys are always case by case.

At GoldiLacts, we ALWAYS emphasize for our clients that “no two breastfeeding journeys are the same” and “the breastfeeding relationship is constantly changing and ever-evolving”.  That being said, this way of feeding may sound overwhelming and intimidating to some, while it might be an obvious and comfortable solution for others. There is NO RIGHT WAY to feel as you navigate your personal breastfeeding relationship. That’s why we’re here! It is OUR JOB to be flexible and assist parents in helping them find what works best…for THEM.

For more information on syringe feeding, please email us or send us a DM @goldilacts! And if syringe feeding worked for you please share your story with us!

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