You would like to speak of episiotomy and vaginal birth? Bring on the PADSICLES! This is an extremely easy and important tool you need to have on-hand in your postpartum care arsenal.


1️⃣ a pack of super absorbent maxi pads, 2️⃣ a cheap bottle of witch hazel (a very mild astringent with antibacterial properties), some 3️⃣ Aloe Vera gel and 4️⃣ a good coconut oil (both are extremely cooling with a ton of antioxidants and awesome healing properties), and 5️⃣ a large freezer-safe bowl

Once you have soaked the pad with witch hazel, layer the coconut oil and Aloe Vera on the top layer creating a thick coating. Then lay the pads along the bottom of the bowl (a large bowl will allow for freezing three or four at a time) and… PRESTO! You have got yourself an amazingly comforting recovery tool for all your precious lady parts!

Tip: Freezing in the bowl allows for a U-shape that is easy to mold from your front to back which may also allow the solution to melt into and cool your rectum (GREAT for moms who suffer from uncomfortable hemorrhoids after childbirth). Also, be sure to sit on a towel since these things can get pretty wet during use.

You won’t regret taking some time to make sure you’re stocked up on these bad boys. Shoot…just typing this recipe out makes us want to run and care for our vaginas! Happy healing Mama Bears!!

This awesome photo was found on Pinterest & it’s from who offers a great tutorial. Doesn’t show the coconut oil ~ that’s our own little spin (wink…wink…)