You have probably asked yourself this question at least once throughout your breastfeeding journey. Sometimes deciphering whether or not something is safe, while also getting different opinions and recommendations, at the same time you’re not feeling well AND trying to stay on top of nursing a very demanding infant can be STRESSFUL!

Please consult your physician BEFORE starting any new medications. Also…do your research! We recommend the following resources to discover whether or not the medication you are considering is a contraindication to breastfeeding:

 1️⃣ MommyMeds.com  – There is also a handy MommyMeds app for your smartphone

2️⃣ InfantRisk.com – Call them directly at 806-352-2519

3️⃣  LactMed App – This app is part of the National Library of Medicine’s Toxnet Database… and one we use frequently in our practice!

These are great trusted resources in addition (NOT in place of) your trusted physician. Many medications are acceptable for a breastfeeding mother and her precious baby depending on the severity of the diagnosis and you should always make sure you’re protected before you decide to give up breastfeeding! You are building powerful antibodies and providing your baby with the best protection of all – liquid GOLD. Nurse on & feel better mama!