A cup of herbal tea can be extremely calming during the early weeks postpartum when things need to move slower, Mama Bear is in serious need of relaxation, and could use some assistance with falling asleep. Many herbs have a lactogenic effect on some mothers as well, helping them to produce more milk as well as create an odor to her milk that is enticing for baby. While a cup of chamomile tea is totally harmless during breastfeeding, there are some herbs you want to avoid since they can significantly affect your milk supply as well as have toxic effects on your newborn’s developing digestive system.

When considering an herbal therapy your doctor should be consulted and it is important for new parents to remember that Google isn’t always your friend! We love Kellymom.com for providing lists of references on certain topics such as this. Check out the link below as as guide to your research on which herbs are safe for both Mama Bear and baby throughout their breastfeeding journey, as well as many that should be strictly avoided.

Herbs and Breastfeeding: References

Beautiful display of herbs above painted by Margo Davis of Burlington, Vermont. 1984. (via Pinterest)