Dads who support breastfeeding


Meet Johnny, father of three boys and avid supporter of breastfeeding. While waiting for food at a local water park conversation flowed and this gem of a man couldn’t stop talking to me about his respect for breastfeeding and breastfeeding moms everywhere He makes a point to take his older two boys, who were each nursed until they were the age of three, out for special Daddy time while Mommy is at home doing skin to skin and nursing their new one month old around the clock. He says he knows how important these first few months are for her to feel comfortable in her breastfeeding relationship with her new baby.

He also shared with me that he frequently adds mom’s breast milk to his coffee & protein shakes because “it’s the purest form of protein, vitamins, and probiotics you can get and I would rather have anyone in my family drink that over cow’s milk!” He says that whatever extra breast milk mom pumps they give to their older two sons since “she would probably still be breastfeeding both of them if she could anyway so why not give them the immunity boost?”

Dads…we see you and we love you!! We MUST normalize breast milk and breastfeeding for all the Dads out there, too, and give credit where credit is due. Not only do you benefit from seeing your healthy children grow but you get an opportunity to develop a closer relationship with your older kids as you bring new breastfeeding life into the world, as well as give your queen the respect and space she deserves!! We will remember Johnny (the super dad pictured above) for many moons to come.