Uncensored posting of childbirth stills and images of breastfeeding mothers are now allowed by Facebook & Instagram! Monumentally, more than TWENTY.THREE.THOUSAND. signatures to a petition and social media fellowship led by the passionate Katie Vigos of @empoweredbirthproject came together to make this a reality that is now OURS.

To some, it may be simple. To us, it means another BIG victory in women’s empowerment. A step to normalizing the raw POWER and beauty of childbirth and the moments after.

To mamas everywhere: At GoldiLacts, it is so important to us that the moments YOU feel are important and beautiful enough to share with the world are passed on. Through our Instagram page @goldilacts, we will always do our part to share that love and honor you in this way. The #momstrong tribe we have created through our own page inspires us every single day with your bravery, vulnerability, kindness, and persistence.

The photo above is from the amazingly talented photographer Kayla Gonzalez of @austinbirthphotos, a portfolio of GORGEOUS images often censored due to previous social media laws. Not anymore. THANK YOU @empoweredbirthproject, @katievigos and all those that came together to make this happen! We salute you  we cannot wait to see more of your talent blasted all over Instagram Instagram fam!

On this day and everyday, we encourage you to follow this lead and be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. YOU are capable of amazing things.

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