A very typical concern of a new breastfeeding mama bear is: AM I MAKING ENOUGH?! The answer is {almost} always YES.This is a very natural fear, especially for those feeding only at the breast, because they never see exactly how much milk baby is taking in.

We like to bring comfort by reminding mamas that where there is milk, more milk is being made! Breastmilk is created by supply and demand. The more you put baby to breast the more you are signaling your brain to release oxytocin and prolactin, those lovely milk-making hormones. With every attempt to feed your mammary glands and milk ducts are working together, continuously being exercised and filled. If there is truly a need to raise supply based on our observations at a consultation (ie: baby’s diaper output is insufficient, significant weight loss has been recorded, signs of dehydration are present, etc.) we can create a tailor-made action plan and get you headed in the right direction.

EVERY action plan for increasing supply ALWAYS begins with the basic understanding that the one true way to inspire breasts to make more milk, is to demand they make more! Lots of skin to skin, comfort nursing for nipple stimulation, and consistent feeds at the breast. If you’re comfortable with co-sleeping or bed sharing this is an awesome way to get in a ton of hours skin-to-skin and encourage baby to nurse more frequently but definitely not the only way to accomplish good skin-to-skin time. Mama bear should let loose and get comfy with baby on her breast around the clock because that’s what it will take, along with some extra work, to increase and regulate a healthy milk supply!

Relax and enjoy the nursing ride you beautiful new mamas! Your breastfeeding relationship, along with your breastmilk, is ever-changing and constantly evolving. That’s what makes this all so awesome!

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