Meet the Mama Bears

Candice Echeverria and Candice James, Mama Bears and Certified Lactation Counselors, are the co-founders of GoldiLacts.

Candice and Candice (we know it’s weird…) met in 2011 when Candice E’s daughter attended the preschool then directed by Candice J. The two immediately hit it off when they realized how similar their parenting styles and values were, as well as how much they related on the challenges they faced as working moms. They, as well as their daughters, became close friends and they played major roles in each others support systems.

Realizing how important the many issues mothers face in our current society, they joined forces in their studies to becoming Certified Lactation Counselors. Each “Candice” began practicing on her own, sharing with the other the reward and fulfillment she felt each time she helped a client.

Fast forward to 2016…when the Candice’s discovered they were both pregnant with their second child at the SAME TIME, just a week or so apart! While supporting each other through the difficulties of pregnancy, sharing their experiences as new moms (again), and diving into breastfeeding themselves they were inspired to expand their business and come up with a way they could combine their philosophies, therefore helping even more Mama Bears together. GoldiLacts was inspired by their two little boys, Julian and Nico, and born out of their combined love for children and their respect for the Mama and Papa Bears who are raising them.