Candice Echeverria

Candice Echeverria

CLC and Cofounder of GoldiLacts

Along with my B.S. degree in Psychology and have extensive experience working with children and families. I am a Certified Lactation Counselor and Maternity Patient Advocate. In addition to my education, I understand the importance of receiving quality breastfeeding support. I am Mama Bear to a rambunctious and highly entertaining six-year-old girl whom I breastfed exclusively for four months, and a son born in September of 2016 who is still exclusively breastfed. The differences between these two experiences is a prime example that breastfeeding is different for every baby!


My focus is to assist you in making sure your birth plan and requests are heard in whichever birthing environment you choose as well as to help you with the transition from hospital room to the home. As your lactation consultant, it is my goal to make sure you have a voice and that you remember at least this one thing: YOU are the most important person in this new family! We will go over any questions you may have about breastfeeding, come up with things that work best for you and baby, and work with whatever medical reasons may arise that would prevent you from being able to breastfeed. I so look forward to making you and your cubs a part of the GoldiLacts Family!

More About Me:

After having my daughter in 2010 and trying my hardest to breastfeed, I was clear she was “done with me” around four months. I had to return to work with nowhere to store pumped milk and once she got a taste of formula she refused the breast which lead to many emotionally painful and frustrating attempts to breastfeed her. It was around this time that my postpartum depression started to consume me and the everyday thought of “what am I doing wrong” ran like a loop in my brain.

My daughter developed eczema and other skin issues early on in her life as well as suffered from a weak immune system. She contracted every common cold that flew around her daycare and seemed to be down sick much longer than the typical infant. She got something called erythema multiforme around eight months of age (you should Google it…scary!) as well as viral meningitis at age three. Because of the meningitis she was unable to move her head or neck and this lead to the discovery of her chronic sleep apnea. Let me tell you, there is no scarier feeling than crouching over your toddler in the middle of the night as she sleeps and stops breathing for thirteen whole seconds. Doctors believed that her large tonsils and throat closure contributed to her inability to fight off basic infections. My husband and I made the hard decision in 2014 to put her through surgery for the removal of her tonsils and adenoids.

Since the surgery, she has made vast improvements and seems much stronger. Her confident personality and love of life and learning would never have you believing she was ever a “sick kid”. Obviously we did the best we could for her with the knowledge and medical team we had and I am so grateful for this experience because, essentially, it makes me more grateful for Charli. At the same time, I have always wondered “Is there something more I could have done for her? Some way I could have eased her suffering?” Well, the cold, hard truth is, “Yes. There is. I could have been more determined to breastfeed her longer.”

Now, this isn’t a call to moms who have chosen not to breastfeed to start looking back on their child’s infancy and beat themselves over the head with a large, dark club of guilt. There could have been many reasons why the immune system capabilities of my daughter’s little body were not able to function in a way that prevented more of her sickness. Also, the act of breastfeeding could not possibly change the size of a baby’s tonsils or enlarge the opening of her throat. Every child’s physical makeup is different and there are plenty of strong, healthy, formula-fed babies out there. The main part of being a mom that I think is so beautiful is being confident in your choices for your children and helping them get through whatever circumstances may arise once those choices have been made. That’s what I did for my Charli. And I am a great mom for it. I do feel, however, that the health benefits of breastfeeding I am now aware of in my profession would have helped me understand how important the act of breastfeeding really is, especially for a baby who needs a little extra “push” when it comes to their immunity. It is my job to educate women on these benefits in order to inspire a culture where breastfeeding, even for a short time, is applauded and encouraged.

What makes me an even better mom today is that after having my second child, Nico, I can look back on the choices I made for Charli and investigate other options. I have embarked on a beautiful, yet temperamental, breastfeeding journey with my son and I have learned something from every obstacle. Mastitis and over supply are two of the very annoying and disruptive characteristics of this new breastfeeding body I now have. All of the emotions and stress I have experienced simply trying to find the right balance and feeding routines for my son have been daunting, yet they have forced me to learn any and everything I can about pushing through in order to provide Nico with the nutrients and immune system building blocks that will help prevent him from going through what Charli experienced as a baby, as well as what I can do to not succumb to the pressures I feel and be consumed again by postpartum depression. I have had to seek medical attention as well as counseling from my business partner and outside lactation specialists in order to get the encouragement I need to keep trudging – and to, essentially, keep the boob in Nico’s mouth! Needless to say at this point, ladies, I have been where you are. And I am here to help!

I am so proud to say I am a Breastfeeding Specialist and Maternity Patient Advocate, able to help Mama Bears all over overcome the same obstacles I am trying to battle each day. I want to inspire you, help you laugh at yourself, and help you find the warmth in every drop of gold…the GoldiLacts way.