Our Certified Breastfeeding Specialists provide lactation consultant services and breastfeeding support in the San Fernando Valley, Moorpark, Agoura, Thousand Oaks, Calabasas, Santa Clarita, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, downtown Los Angeles, and surrounding areas. Each client will be asked to complete a set of intake forms prior to the session, as well as confirm method of payment. Please click here to contact us if you have any questions regarding the services we provide or to schedule a same-day appointment with us!

Not in the Los Angeles area? Not a problem! Virtual Consultation and Support Groups are available! Please go to our Virtual Services Page to see how we can help you and your baby get headed in the right direction by use of iPhone FaceTime, Zoom, and JoinMe.

Newborn Lactation Consultation (In-home, up to 2 hours)

During this consultation we will cover things like getting the proper latch, how to prevent engorgement and plugged ducts, dealing with overactive letdown, and any other conditions we may recognize based on already established breastfeeding patterns. We want you to tell us what areas concern you the most regarding breastfeeding and adjusting to your new family dynamic, no matter how big or small you think they might be. This is a time for you to get all of the stress off your chest and move into a comfortable breastfeeding routine.

All lactation consultations include a weighted feeding. To read more on our philosophy on weighted feedings and their potential impact on a session, please click here. Your session also includes a compilation of GoldiLacts breastfeeding education handouts covering typical breastfeeding concerns, as well as an extensive list of GoldiLacts Trusted Resources. This resource list will be included in your followup summary which will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your visit with us. Consultations also come with limited 24 hour text/phone support from a GoldiLacts CBS throughout the remainder of your breastfeeding journey. 

Postpartum Support Services (In-home, up to 4 hours)

At GoldiLacts, we believe in The Village. Our Postpartum Support Specialist can be an essential part of initiating a healthy relationship between the new mother and her newborn baby throughout the first six weeks of the postpartum transition period. Many mothers find they experience unexpected emotions and fears moving into the new role of “Mama Bear” – having a Support Specialist to guide them through these challenges can be crucial to providing the baby with the utmost care. Day and night support shifts are available and each services agreement can be tailored to the individual family’s needs. To read more about our Postpartum Support Specialty Services, please click here.

Breastfeeding Prep 101 (Pre Delivery, In-home or virtual up to 3 hours

In this session we will go over everything you need to prepare for your breastfeeding journey from what to pack in your hospital bag, the things you need (and what you don’t need) upon your arrival home, and some things that may occur after delivery. You may have questions like “Why is my baby eating so much?” or “How do I know she’s getting enough milk?” or “Why hasn’t she pooped yet?!” We are here to help ease your transition and get you as comfortable as possible with putting your baby to the breast and continued support is always available.

Breastfeeding Prep 101 takes place in the comfort of your own home, at our cozy Lake Balboa location, or it can be offered as a virtual service! To learn more about our online services and virtual support groups, please click here.

Extended Breastfeeding Support Session (In-home or virtual, up to 2 hours)

Troubleshoot any issues and concerns you may have with breastfeeding an infant six months or older as well as accompanying issues such as returning to work, developing healthy sleep patterns, and pumping. Other topics for this visit may include introduction to solid foods, sibling adjustment, spousal support, family balance, and stress management. All breastfeeding support sessions come with 24 hour text/phone support from a GoldiLacts CBS throughout the remainder of your breastfeeding journey. 

Mama Bear Bundle 

The Mama Bear Bundle is a great way to introduce the idea of breastfeeding to your spouse and other children as well as your birth partner or labor coach in order to establish a healthy breastfeeding routine with your baby immediately upon delivery. We will be with you and your family every step of the way! Bundles can be tailored to your specific needs and breastfeeding goals, including as much or as little time with us as you think your family needs. They can include a combination of Breastfeeding Prep (online or in-home), up to two in-person visits at your chosen birth location upon delivery of your baby, up to two in-home lactation consultations within two weeks of delivery, and continued text/phone support throughout your breastfeeding journey. A discounted price is offered when these sessions are paid in full in advance and all Mama Bear Bundles come with our GoldiLacts Trusted Resource List. All lactation consultations must be conducted within 30 days of the birth date of your baby and fees are non-refundable.

Pump Tutorial 

GoldiLacts has manual and electric breast pumps available for rent for the Mommy who is not yet comfortable with the use of a pump. During this tutorial we will assist with finding the right flange fitting, proper care and sanitizing of pump parts, as well as breast care while pumping in order to prevent clogged milk ducts, irritated Montgomery glands, and mastitis. We can help the working mom develop a pumping schedule that will allow her to supply her growing infant with the proper nutrients while she is away.

Pump Rental Service 

Medela and Spectra electric breast pump rentals are available for $60/week in order to allow mom to become comfortable with the use of a pump before purchase of her own. *The minimum charge for rental will be $60 regardless of how many days the pump is rented in order to cover the cost of a new, packaged tubing system, breast milk storage bags, and delivery. Bottles for feeding are not included and must be purchased separately. Lansinoh manual pumps are available for a fee of $25/week.

Payments – We provide an in-home service for which fees are set and nonrefundable. Before we arrive you will receive our intake forms which need to be filled out and returned in order to confirm your session time. Payment should also be processed before your session. You can pay your consultant using the Venmo app on your smartphone, cash and check are also accepted. If paying by cash or check, you must indicate your understanding of the terms of our agreement by completing the intake forms and checking the box marked “Cash or Check on site”. This commitment from you ensures our commitment to arriving at our scheduled time and providing you with exceptional lactation support! Copies of your intake forms will be provided to you upon our arrival and we will be able to move swiftly into more focused and concentrated work during our session.

Please do not hesitate to talk with us about any financial hardship. We would love to be a part of your breastfeeding journey in any capacity and never refuse to a family due to inability to pay. Insurance is not accepted at this time but we would be happy to provide you with a paid invoice for insurance reimbursement or tax purposes!

Thank you for choosing GoldiLacts! We look forward to meeting you & your new baby!


Other services include:

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of support to the Mommy you love the most! Gift Certificates are available for the Mama Bear Bundle, individual sessions, or phone/text/email support. Please contact for further information so we can help you customize the perfect gift!