About Us

What does it mean to be a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist in Los Angeles?

As a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist we have completed a combination of college education as well as 90 hours of specific lactation education and clinical experience. This certification also requires passing a criterion based international exam. This certification allows us to teach breastfeeding classes as perform basic lactation consultation to address breastfeeding issues such as regulating milk supply, establishing a healthy breastfeeding routine, managing skin to skin and other bonding exercises, tongue and lip tie examination, clogged milk ducts, mastitis, pumping schedules and other issues related to pumping, among many others. We are not IBCLC’s, registered nurses, pediatricians, or physicians. We refer our clients to their chosen medical professional should we encounter a breastfeeding issue we cannot handle or one which we are not permitted to handle within the scope of our practice as a C.B.S.

At GoldiLacts, we believe the best place to start when it comes to caring for a newborn baby is to ensure that Mommy is being cared for first. The GoldiLacts Breastfeeding Specialist wants each new mom to feel comfortable in the new skin of her breastfeeding body, feel empowered in her personal choice to breastfeed, and feel as though she has received compassionate and non-judgmental care in the area of breastfeeding. Our primary goal with each lactation consultation is to make the breastfeeding experience a comfortable, natural, and positive one for the entire family.

Breastfeeding can be HARD. Help is available! Don’t wait. Please view a list of the services we provide and contact a GoldiLacts lactation consultant today!

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide new mothers and their families with support in the way of practical approaches to breastfeeding, supplemental feeding plans, and postpartum care.

APPROACH: We understand that “it takes a village” – we are here to help the entire village understand what Mama Bear needs so that she and each cub in her family receives the best care possible. We can meet you at home, in the hospital during or after labor and delivery, and be your advocate when it comes to your own personal care needs and choices. We promise to provide you with a warm and loving presence, always respecting the personal space to which you have invited us. Please do not clean the kitchen, sweep or vacuum the floors, pick up the toys, or make us coffee (unless you want some!). No “preparation” is necessary for our visit. There should be no added pressure on anyone surrounding the care we provide. After all, we are Mama Bears too and we know how hard it is to get those things done with a new cub in the house! Our focus is on YOU – we want Mama Bear’s voice to be heard, her body respected, and the act of breastfeeding to be championed for Mama Bears everywhere!