Overnight Support

At GoldiLacts we offer you a very unique and special night nurse experience as an Overnight Breastfeeding Companion. We provide you with specialized care including much needed support during the late evening and early morning hours when hormone levels, exhaustion, and emotions are at an all time high.

Our goals as we spend these crucial first moments with you and your new family are to protect your milk supply, help you put baby to the breast as much as he or she demands, and correct any latch or positioning issues. Our duties will include bringing baby to you and gently waking you to feed, burping baby, changing baby’s diaper, and gently soothing baby back to sleep once the feeding has finished. With the guidance of an Overnight Breastfeeding Companion, partners can become acclimated to ways they can assist Mama Bear during the breastfeeding process and older siblings can be helped while adjusting to interrupted sleep.

As your GoldiLacts Overnight Breastfeeding Companion we encourage you to become familiar with the basic needs and feeding cues of your newborn while we support the establishment of a successful breastfeeding relationship. The hours we spend with you and your baby can prepare you for successful breastfeeding well into your child’s second year and beyond!

Overnight Breastfeeding Companion services are limited to the first six weeks postpartum and are held for a minimum of six hours Monday through Friday between 8pm-5am.

Two nights – $540 per night

Three or more nights – $450 per night

*Additional travel charges may apply